Transform Your Worship Guitar Playing and Find Your Unique Sound with Expert Coaching
Transform Your Worship Guitar Playing and Find Your Unique Sound with Expert Coaching
Are you tired of feeling stuck in a rut as a worship guitarist?
  • Do you feel like you're not able to reach your full potential and serve your congregation with confidence?
  • Are you short on time and don't know where to start when it comes to improving your worship guitar skills?
If so, you're not alone.
Many worship guitarists struggle with these issues, but fortunately, there is a solution.

Imagine this...

  • What if there was a way to identify exactly what you need to work on in order to become a competent and confident worship guitarist?
  • What if you could pinpoint exactly where the gaps are in your worship guitar skills?
  • And what if you could get expert instruction on not only what to practice, but how to practice so you can make maximum progress with the time that you have available?
Listen if you've blamed yourself for little or no progress then you need to know it's not your fault.
Did you know that playing modern worship guitar requires an entirely different approach than say playing blues, rock or jazz guitar.
Sure there are overlapping elements between worship guitar and styles like blues and rock, but at its core, playing worship guitar requires an entirely different approach which until now hasn't been publicly available.
Here's the reason why...
  • The chord voicings used in worship requires a different approach.
  • The way you play lead guitar is different too in order to properly serve the song.
  • The tone you need for modern worship is very different from the classic blues and rock tone.
You see, when it comes to playing worship guitar at your full potential you can safely ignore about 80% of the advice the so-called experts on YouTube tell you to learn.
When I found myself playing guitar in church I quickly realized that the majority of my blues and rock background just didn't translate well to playing modern worship music.
  • The chord voicings were different.
  • The tone was different.
  • And the way to play lead was different.
That's when I decided to crack the code on what makes the Modern Worship Guitar sound.
Not just the tone, but also how to play voicings that cut through the mix and elevate the overall sound.

How to play melodies that the congregation could latch onto as they expressed their own worship.

After spending months dissecting all these elements I discovered a simple 8-part formula that outlined the full set of skills you need to master in order to unlock your full potential.

Since then, I have helped thousands of guitarists of all ages all around the world to take their guitar skills to the next level by using the same simple approaches...

...without having to practice for hours on end and seeing little to no progress.

My name is
Charl Coetzee,
and in a moment, I'm about to share with you information that took me a lifetime to discover... and I'll show you how to learn EVERYTHING you need to know about
becoming the best worship guitarist you can be
- all in one place! ... and the best part ?
You can check everything out for FREE if you choose!
The final
"Worship Guitar Mastery"
Coaching Program
has been created in a unique way to teach you everything you need to know about playing worship guitar......
...explained step-by-step, and complete with multi sensory learning experience videos containing dozens of diagrams, close-up footage and progress-accelerating resources.

This coaching program contains everything you need to maximize your potential in the shortest amount of time.

This is TRUE GOLD that you won't find anywhere else.
Info you'd otherwise only discover after decades of trial and error - including answers to all those tough questions you can't just find by doing a quick Google search.

And, unlike most guitar courses, everything is explained in plain English, without any "snobby" guitar teacher jargon.

I created this program so "regular people like us" could easily understand it all.
I'm making this system available to almost anyone, because we offer a complete, no-risk opportunity to check out the course FREE, if you choose...

The reason other programs or YouTube videos have not worked for you is because they don't explain WHAT you need to focus on as well as HOW to practice in order to see results.

The Worship Guitar Mastery Coaching Program is the only system in the world that teaches modern worship in easy to understand lessons so you can make rapid progress, find your voice and release your sound.

The Worship Guitar Mastery Coaching Program is made up of
Three Key Components.
Our worship guitar focused curriculum helps you reach your full potential as a worship guitarist by providing essential techniques, expert teaching, and a tailored program for all skill levels.

You'll learn to improve your skills, find your unique voice, and release your own sound.



Live weekly worship guitar Zoom coaching provides personalized feedback on your playing, the opportunity to ask questions, and provide support to help you improve your skills and reach your goals as a worship guitarist.

This can be especially helpful if you're feeling stuck or unsure about a specific technique or concept.

Being part of a community of other worship guitar players allows you to share ideas, learn from one another, and find support as you work to improve your worship guitar skills and grow as a musician.
Having others who are on a similar journey and can understand the challenges and triumphs you encounter along the way can be really encouraging.
What Will You Receive?
Discover Everything You Need To Know To Become a World Class Worship Guitarist
Even If You're Currently Struggling with Slow Progress...

...Explained in Easy-To-Understand Step-By-Step Detail...
(And Everything You Need To Know All In One Place!)
What Members are saying about The Worship Guitar Mastery Coaching Program.
"Finally! A teacher who explains it for noobs like myself...Thank you so much! All the other videos I've watched make me feel like I'm coming to class after missing a month and am completely out of sync..."
Josh Britto
"Man you are awesome! all your vids have helped and brought my playing to a whole different level."
Elvis Rosario
"Thanks man those inversions really helped. It's like a big "lightbulb" moment for me. God bless"
Jordan John
After you get your hands on this you'll discover:
How To Master Your Tone Without Having To Buy Expensive New Gear...
  • To have great tone you need the most expensive gear money can buy, right? WRONG! Great tone doesn't come from having great gear but rather having great technique! I have designed a program that will help you craft techniques that are recommended by the pros.
  • Little-known secrets that will dramatically improve your tone. Hint: It has nothing to do with your equipment.
  • What the gear companies don't tell you about gear. If you don't get this, you'll forever be stuck in G.A.S. mode.
  • The seven silent signals that secretly tell you what you are missing something in your sound. Plus, how to know when your sound is good or bad.
  • Better than spending boatloads of cash on fancy gear... use my ten terrific tone tips that will help you make the most of the gear you've already got.
How To Master The Fretboard In As Little As 10 Weeks...
  • The 3 reasons why your chord shapes aren't cutting through the mix - and what you can do about it...
  • Discover the musical patterns that make transposing parts and riffs super easy.
  • Learn the #1 thing to look for when learning new chord voicings on the guitar.
  • The biggest mistake almost all guitarists make - even the savvy ones - when trying to expand their chord and scale knowledge.
  • BONUS - Melodic Rhythm Guitar Techniques using simple, yet powerful two-note chord voicings.
  • How to master the fretboard in as little as 10 weeks. This is the simplest and easiest way to memorize the fretboard so you can freely and powerfully play across the whole neck.
  • The single most powerful pattern for total fretboard control. Once you learn this pattern you'll play with more confidence and precision than you've ever done before.
  • The five fretboard facts that you have to know if you want to play like a pro.
  • Do you still look at your fingers when you play? Use these great methods that will help you improve your skills, and you'll be able to play in the dark or with your eyes closed!
  • Little-known secrets that can guarantee faster fretboard progress, playing smoothly through the pentatonic patterns and creating licks and solos that connect across the fretboard. The secrets of the fretboard formula finally revealed to help you solo without the struggle.
How To Make Sense of Theory...
  • Why most guitarists struggle to really understand theory and take their playing to the next level. (You don't even need your guitar for this.)
  • Sneaky little-known tricks drummers use to quickly learn music theory... This will work even better for guitar players.
  • Why you should never underestimate the importance of music theory and how it will help you in building your skills
  • Do you find music theory to be so boring that you fall asleep even at the thought of it? If so, get ready to be edutained as I have invented a fun way of learning music theory that will propel your playing to the next level.
  • The fastest way to pick up new theory concepts. This one trick alone will save you hours when it comes to learning new songs.
The Key to Accelerated Learning: Setting Up Powerful Practice Sessions…
  • Better than hours of practicing. Three questions you can ask yourself before you start practicing that will ensure you make fast and meaningful progress, even if you only have 15 minutes to practice.
  • The truth about making fast progress on the guitar. These little-known accelerated-learning-techniques gets you new skills and knowledge in record time.
  • Why you're making slow progress and 3 methods to help you speed up.
  • Practicing as much as possible is the best way to improve your playing fast? NO! Do this instead and you'll improve faster in less time.
  • Why the time of day you practice is very important and why most struggling guitarists get it wrong.
How to Master the Art of Soloing and Sound Like a Pro…
  • What never to do when you launch into a solo. Not knowing this will drastically decrease the impact you can make when playing lead.
  • The truth about why your solos aren't sounding right - you'll be shocked at how many bad habits you develop by doing these 3 things wrong.
  • How to become better at soloing by practicing only 10 minutes a day. This is the simplest and easiest way to help you sharpen your skills and build your confidence to solo like a pro.
  • How to obliterate feelings of anxiousness and impatience by using the four cornerstones of confidence.
  • Three mistakes you are probably making that are holding you back from soloing the right way.
  • I will reveal some of the best kept secrets that will skyrocket your lead playing to another level.
And This Just Scratches The Surface...
As you can see, I created "The Worship Guitar Mastery Coaching Program" as the only training on modern worship guitar that you'll ever need.

And if you're like the vast majority of guitarists, you'll be well on your way to mastering modern worship guitar...

But don't just take my word for it....

What Members are saying about The Worship Guitar Mastery Coaching Program.
"I just started playing at our church, in a year I aspire to be able to play more rounded and help the team build a certain sound. With your videos I believe I can get there. Be blessed brother!"
Israel Soto
"Hey man I've just recently started playing in a new worship band and due to the level of musicianship I've been having a lot of challenges and you and your website have helped and inspired me immensely the last couple of days thanks"
John Brendan
"Love what you're offering here. Looking forward to seeing more!"
Are You Ready?
What You'll Get With This Program:
  • 48 x Live Weekly Coaching sessions ($2,400 Value)
  • Unlimited Video Exchange Sessions ($2,400 Value)
  • 10 Worship Focused Deep Dive Training Courses ($1,200 Value)
  • Unlimited Community and Forum Access ($497)
  • Accelerated Learning Resources and Professionally Produced Backing Tracks ($297)
Regular Price
The Value of This Program is
My team and I have invested countless hours - months - into perfecting this program. We've taken honest feedback from our founding members to make the new version of the program better than ever.

As a result, we're able to design, refine and streamline almost 5 years of worship guitar tuition into a tested, optimized and proven group curriculum... so that you can get everything you need to ignite your worship guitar skills.

You're about to get access to the best worship guitar training you need to take your playing to the next level.

This is an investment in yourself and your gifts and abilities to serve and lead others in worship.

All the training and bonuses are worth $7,237 if you were to purchase the courses on their own.

But I don't want you to have to pay thousands of dollars to access this one of a kind curriculum and learning experience.

I want you to be able to start your journey now, so you can access the right knowledge, tools and support you need to unlock your worship guitar potential.

And finally be able to play with confidence and conviction every time you step on stage.

That's why I created The Worship Guitar Mastery Coaching Program.

This is the only place where you can get training of this quality specifically made for Worship Guitarists.

And at a fraction of its $7,237 value.
I decided to make all this training available to you at just...
80 cents
a day
But if you enroll today, you'll pay even less than that.
I'll give you an additional $100 discount as my way of encouraging you to trust the process and begin your journey.
That means all you'll pay for
12 months VIP Access
to the Worship Guitar Mastery Program is just one simple payment of
That's less than what it would cost for one month's lessons with a professional guitar teacher.

Plus I'm even giving you a 3-pay option to make saying YES to yourself even easier today.

It's my mission in life to help worship guitarists reach their full potential and unlock their sound, so they can express themselves without any limits.

So stop searching for the perfect solution.

This is your moment to take action and take your worship guitar skills to the next level.

And when you join today I'm also going to throw in these super amazing awesome bonuses.
Modern Worship Guitar Tone Course.
Value $197
Gain the skills and knowledge needed to perfect your modern worship guitar tone with our Modern Worship Guitar Tone Course!
  • Understand and master the fundamentals of modern worship guitar tone
  • Learn about the different types of guitars and pedals available for achieving the perfect sound
  • Get an in-depth look at signal chains, amps, effects, parameters, and settings
  • Master the skills needed to choose the right gear for your playing style
  • Find out how to maximize your equipment capabilities and get a great modern worship tone!
It's my gift to you, absolutely FREE.
Perfect Practice Plan Bundle
Value $197
This bonus gives you step by step instructions on creating the perfect practice plan so you can make maximum progress in the time you have available.
  • 5 Day Perfect Practice Plan Challenge recordings
  • 10 hours of content delivered live during the Perfect Practice Plan Challenge.
  • How to put together a practice plan that's perfect for you
  • Plug & Play Practice Plan Workshop
  • Deep dive training on the topics and techniques you need to master.
It's my gift to you, absolutely FREE.
Worship Guitar Skills Practice Pack Value
Value $147
This bonus gives you instant access to worship focused backing tracks so you can maximise your practice sessions.
  • Play along to over 600 tracks composed in a modern worship style
  • Practice your skills in different keys, tempos, and progressions
  • Develop the technical side of your playing using various techniques
  • Create an environment of musical creativity and improvisation
  • Get to know all the different styles used in modern worship music
  • Never be bored again and always have the right track at hand so you can improve your skills and techniques in a musical context.
It's my gift to you, absolutely FREE.
Weekly Live Q&A
Value $199
This bonus gives you weekly live coaching from Charl so you can get the help you need to make progress on the guitar
  • Get weekly live coaching from Charl to make progress on the guitar
  • Submit questions in advance or ask them live
  • Join live sessions or watch timestamped recordings at a later date
  • Learn new things from other student's questions
  • Get direct access to Charl with exclusive tips and resources to help advance your skills
It's my gift to you, absolutely FREE.
Fretboard Freedom Masterclass
Value $199
This bonus gives you an in-depth understanding of the fretboard layout, so you can break free from the constraints of fixed positions and confidently step into any key and chord progression without hesitation.
  • Learn to easily identify all the notes on the fretboard quickly and accurately
  • Get step-by-step guidance on building essential "worship focused" fretboard skills
  • Boost your confidence when playing songs
  • Discover how to effectively combine chords, arpeggios, scales, and licks in improvisation
  • Acquire the tools to effortlessly express yourself through the guitar
It's my gift to you, absolutely FREE.
Special Relaunch Discount:
Join Now & Enjoy $100 Off
I believe that The Worship Guitar Mastery Coaching Program has the power to drastically change the way you learn modern worship guitar.

And that's why I'm making this special offer available...

To celebrate the relaunch of our new and improved Worship Guitar Mastery Coaching Program, you can

save $100 of the already discounted price.
Join Now for Just $197
But do it soon! Because I'm not sure how much longer we'll have this special offer available.
What Members are saying about The Worship Guitar Mastery Coaching Program.
"I just started playing at our church, in a year I aspire to be able to play more rounded and help the team build a certain sound. With your videos I believe I can get there. Be blessed brother!" 
Israel Soto
"Hey man I've just recently started playing in a new worship band and due to the level of musicianship I've been having a lot of challenges and you and your website have helped and inspired me immensely the last couple of days thanks" 
John Brendan
"Love what you're offering here. Looking forward to seeing more!"  
What Happens After You Order
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Enjoy your new training
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I Will Shoulder All The Risk Here.
That's right. When you order now, You don't risk a single penny.
Why? Because you are covered by a super-generous 
100% Money-Back Guarantee!
Complete your order. Go through the training, attend the live coaching sessions, use it, treat it as your own. If you are not completely thrilled with what you've learned, after 60 days (plenty of time to test everything out on your own, playing yourself)... then I INSIST that you get a full and fast refund of your entire purchase price.
No questions asked. NO hassles either.
How can I do this?

Yes, it's a financial gamble for me...

But that's how confident I am that you're gonna be thrilled with this coaching. I poured my heart and soul into it - and spilled the beans on everything I know. I've been publishing my work professionally online for years. Feel free to look me up. I guard my reputation like a bulldog guards the front door. If you're not happy, I'm not happy.

You essentially get to see and try out everything for free if you choose.

You do NOT even have to give me a reason if you decide to ask for your money back. I will trust you to do the right thing, as I have trusted people over my entire career.

Here's Everything You're Getting Today
  • Unlimited Curriculum & Workshop Access ($1,200 Value)
  • Unlimited Video Exchange Coaching Sessions ($2,400 Value)
  • Unlimited Community & Forum Access ($497 Value)
  • Bonus #1 - Modern Worship Guitar Tone Course. ($197 Value)
  • Bonus #2 - Perfect Practice Plan Bundle. Value ($197 Value)
  • Bonus #3 - Worship Guitar Skills Practice Pack Value ($147 Value)
  • Bonus #4 - Weekly Live Q&A Value ($2,400 Value)
  • Bonus #5 - Fretboard Freedom Masterclass Value ($199 Value)
$87 billed every three months
  • Unlimited Curriculum Access
  • Weekly Live Coaching
  • Community Access
  • 90 Day Check Ins
  • Unlimited Resource Access
$197 billed once a year
  • Unlimited Curriculum Access
  • Weekly Live Coaching
  • Community Access
  • 90 Day Check Ins
  • Unlimited Resource Access
One-time payment

  • Unlimited Curriculum Access
  • Weekly Live Coaching
  • Community Access
  • 90 Day Check Ins
  • Unlimited Resource Access
Frequently Asked Questions
Is this a one-off charge - or do I get charged monthly?
This is a one-off charge with NO recurring payments.
Do I have to pay shipping / postage / packing?
There is no shipping or postage/packing since this is delivered digitally. As soon as you complete your order you'll get instant access. Even if it's 2am in the morning.
What happens once I purchase?
Once you pay we then forward your unique 'Access details' via email. By logging into our members portal using your own details - you will gain access to the Worship Guitar Skills Members Portal where you can access your lessons.
What if I don't like it?
There is a 30-day money-back guarantee in place. If you're unhappy for any reason or no reason at all, just let us know, and we'll give you a full and courteous refund. We only want delighted customers.
What if I have technical challenges?
Just let us know if there is anything that you are stuck on - and we will get back to you as fast as we can to sort it. We have never been stumped yet!
I bought one of your other products. How is this bundle different?
The Ultimate Black Friday Bundle contains a combination of courses. If you purchased any of them before, send an email to [email protected] to get an additional discount code for this order.
You said that this is not for everyone. Who is it NOT for?
If you're the kind of person that never takes action... or if you can't follow directions, then don't buy this. The people who get the most out of my training are willing to put in some time and happy to follow proven advice so they can improve their playing.
Join Now for Just $197
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